Biko's thoughts on the work:

We all have a hero inside, we also have a monster. It is my job to welcome whoever comes to play, and to always lead with love and compassion. I find great power in empathy and freedom in discipline. My discipline seeks to illuminate the beauty in struggle--to tell the truth with a curiosity and passion stronger than the day before. 

Much love, Biko


I love to paint. Here are studies of two of my favorite characters: John in "Whipping Man" and Solyony in "Three Sisters" 

Biko walks a line between nice guy with a mean streak and a  maniac with manners.  

More about Biko  

Being an artist isn't a choice, it is the only way I know how to live. As a teen I performed poetry with YouthSpeaks all across the country, and in Europe. When I was at Brown I began recording music, graduated and got a small record deal with Cotter Records. 

photo by Michael Davis 

photo by William M. Brown 

photo by Akintoye Moses

I write scripts. I wrote a cool play about Pac and Biggie that recently had a reading in Philly.  

And love teaching the next generation

I've taught and worked in the community my whole life. 

Stay tuned... 

photo by Miranda Bergman 

photo by Arlene Eisen 

Flyer by Laneshe White

photo by Colleen Longshaw

photo by Eric Lauritus